PSS happens to be a pioneer of its own kind in the central part of India and working continuously to make its name permanent in the field. In the final months of 2012, ProLoT Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PSS) commenced its working in different sectors Information & Technology. The entrepreneurial father-son duo (Mr. M. G. Bage & Mr. Anirudhha M. Bage) set their ship of PSS on sail with few working heads & resources in the everchanging and rising ocean of IT. At PSS we provide ample services and solutions in different fields. The working of PSS takes place under experienced supervision and guidance of professionals. The work is thorough and goes through innumerable & rigorous testings to deliver excellence.

Vision of ProLoT:

ProLoT is an acronym for Programming, Logic and Technique. As the name suggests the company works in accordance with the name it carries. At PSS everything we do, think, smell, listen or even dream also are linked up somehow with ProLoT.

At PSS, our vision is to lead in the field of Information & Technology. Here we try to keep an eye for innovation and creativity by giving fair chances to new talents whenever it is possible. We consistently seek to provide products and services that are recognized for its standard and the satisfaction of the customer.

Policies of ProLoT Software Systems:

The first & foremost policy is to be customer-centric, keeping the customer benefit ahead.
Thoroughly devoted to innovative ideas.
Providing an atmosphere for employees to cherish & blossom their ideas and creativity.
Keeping a healthy and friendly relation with the customer.

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