Embedded Systems are becoming more and more pervasive, touching virtually all aspects of daily life. From mobile phones to automobiles, industrial equipment, to high end medical devices, home appliances etc. Embedded software today sits at the intersection of all the technologies. The growth of different industry sectors like automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, energy, industrial units, biomedical equipment, consumer goods is highly contributed by the development in the field of Embedded Systems. The concentrated "core" elements of computing have become embeddable in almost everything making Embedded Systems next inevitable wave of Technology.
Our Programs on Embedded Systems is to unleash the potential of Embedded Systems..

Autonomous Robotics

Introduction(Hardware Section) Line Following Robot.
Basic concept of robotics. Edge Avoider Robot. DC Motor
Various types of robots. Object following robot. Stepper Motor
Various parts of Autonomous Robot. Light following robot. L-293D
Mechanical aspects of robotics. Computer controlled robot
Chassis making for the robot. Mobile controlled robot(Using DTMF).
Mobile controlled robot(Using GSM).
Motors & Motor Driver ICs.
Introduction to DC, Stepper and Servo Motors
Speed control of DC Motor using PWM .
Direction control using H Bridges IC L-293, L-298.
Speed and Direction control of DC Motor using L-293.
Programming and Interfacing stepper motor.
Sensor for Robotics.
Using proximity sensor to detect object.
Using IR sensor ......
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