Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are becoming more and more pervasive, touching virtually all aspects of daily life. From mobile phones to automobiles, industrial equipment, to high end medical devices, home appliances etc. Embedded software today sits at the intersection of all the technologies. The growth of different industry sectors like automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, energy, industrial units, biomedical equipment, consumer goods is highly contributed by the development in the field of Embedded Systems. The concentrated "core" elements of computing have become embeddable in almost everything making Embedded Systems next inevitable wave of Technology.
Our Programs on Embedded Systems is to unleash the potential of Embedded Systems..


Prolot Software System comes out with an exhaustive hand on Training and Internship program on Embedded Systems, based on the actual Industry demands. This course would provide the participants knowledge and experience on the fast growing field of Embedded Systems. The program is an ideal foundation for Engineering, Diploma and Science students striving to enter this exciting field. Our training program is completely Hands-On consisting of 30% Theory lectures and 70% Practical.

All the following modules will be covered in our training program:

EMBEDDED SYSTEM BASIC: This module comprises of basic understanding of AVR Microcontroller and its programming using Embedded C. You will be learning Timer,ADC,UART,SPI programming and LED,LCD & Keypad interfacing.

EMBEDDED SYSTEM ADVANCE: This Module covers advance programming and interfacing of varous electronic hardware and sensors i.e GSM module,GPS module,RFID Reader,Accelerometer etc.

AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS: In this module you will be learning concept of autonomous robotics and interfacing of various sensors and Motors.

SIMULATION & PCB DESIGNING: This part of our course covers the electroninc circuit designing in Simulation software i.e. Proteus,Multisim and PCB designing in CAD software i.e. Eagle.

TAKE AWAY KIT: All our participans will be provided take away kit(Worth Rs.2000) in a group of 3/4 members.Our kit contents are :

ATmega16/32 Development Board 4x4 Keypad LM 35 Temp Sensor
USB-ASP Programmer DC Motors LED
16x2 LCD Display LDR Transistors


Introduction(Digital I/O) Glowing an LED connected to the uC (Microcontroller).
Introduction of Embedded System and AVR. Blinking the previous LED. ATmega16
Basic Hardware and Software for embedded system. Taking input from switch and displaying it on LED. LED
Introduction of ATmega microcontroller Taking input from multiple switches. Transistors
Basics of embedded C programming. Connecting 8 LEDs to glow them in a fancy pattern. Switches
Digital Input / Output Ports Changing the pattern of glowing LEDs using switch.
LCD, Timers, ADC Printing character,integer on LCD.
Interfacing LCD Display. Displaying moving message.
Frequency and PWM Generation. Generate a clock pulse of different frequency. 16x2 LCD
Frequency and PWM Generation. Generate clock pulses with different duty cycle. Buzzer
Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) Reading analog I/P and displaying on LCD. LDR
Communication(UART,SPI) Send dats from uC and displaying on computer screen.
Interfacing computer with MCU using UART with IC-MAX232 Send characters from computer keyboard and displayed on LCD. MAX-232
SPI Communication & Programming. Send characters from first uC to second uC. (using UART).
Interfacing two MCU using SPI. Send characters from first uC to second uC. (using SPI).
Keypad & Basic Sensors.
Keypad interfacing & programming. Using Keypad for controlling LED. 4x4 Keypad
Interfacing analog proximity sensor. Using keypad to make a digital calculator. Proximity Sensor
Interfacing and programming TSOP IR sensor. Using sensors to control robot. TSOP-1738
Interfacing and programming DTMF decoder. Using mobile to control LED using DTMF. DTMF Decoder


Advance Sensors Using accelerometer to contol Robot.
Accelerometer. Using accelerometer t. Accelerometer
Introduction to GSM Module. Displaying SMS on LCD Display.
AT Commands. Controlling LED using SMS. GSM Module
Interfacing of GSM module with uC. Missed call controlled LED.
Message sending and receieving. Remote data logging using GPRS.
Call making and receieving. Controlling LED over Internet.
GPRS setting and programming. Finding your Geo location using Mobile network.
Introduction to GPS Module. Making a GPS vehicle tracking device. GPS Module
Interfacing GPS module with microcontroller.
Getting Geo location using GPS.
Introduction to RFID. Making a smart home entry system.
Interfacing & Programming of RFID. Making a school attandance system using RFID Card.

Simulation & PCB designing

Simulation using PROTEUS:
For designing and testing a circuit we need some software that gives us precise and accurate result and makes the job of an electronic engineer easy.Proteus is a very helpful and reach featured software You will learn circuit simulation and designing in this software.

PCB designing using EAGLE
Prototyping and mass production of a electronic system require PCB.
Our module will cover PCB designing using Eagle that is a CAD software to make circuit and Board .

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